Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hold On!

At home this morning, I heard in my heart the Lord speak the phrase Hold On!  Immediately I saw a scene of days gone by when we would go to the ocean with our kids.  The four of us holding hands, would walk into the ocean gradually going deeper and deeper.  As the waves increased in size and strength, Richard would call out,  "Hold on! " just before the waves would hit us.  With peals of laughter in the air, our toes dug into the sand and our grips tightened. With each wave that came, holding on with all their might, our kids were able to withstand the powerful force of the waves and continue to walk with us into the sea.

The obvious message in this picture is that there IS a wave coming of His glory and power and it is about to hit.  But, the thing that I felt He was wanting to emphasize again through this urgent  Hold on! was that the arriving move is to be multi-generational. It is imperative that those who are younger in the Lord hold on to the hands of those who are older in Him.  The degree that we are linked together in strength may determine the degree that we can go deeper into the waves. 

It is a time for fathers and mothers to rise up and realize what they carry and take their place to raise up and mentor the younger generation.  They desperately need the foundation and stability that moms and dads bring as they learn to navigate through uncharted waters. The untapped well of wisdom of the older generation is crying out to be utilized and heard.   Honor for the fathers and mothers will cause the wisdom to flow freely to the sons and daughters and release life in the process.

It is just as true that the fathers and mothers need what the younger generation is carrying.  Their insistence on authenticity and what is real will pull spiritual parents into new places and deeper relationships.  Their thirst for the new and larger perspectives that have been shaped by the arts, media and technology will strengthen the older who will allow their views to be challenged.  Their distaste for anything religious will help keep us open to the new wineskins that can contain the new wine.

Revival is going on in many places around the world and is in varying stages.  We have heard many words in the last few years prophesying revival to our region (Austin area).  It seems that we are in the early stages of this move and people and ministries are being positioned for the arriving wave.

Moms and dads, grab the hand of someone younger around you.  Sons and daughters,  reach out and grab the hand of a mother or father and....

Hold on!

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