Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Upward Call

These days it seems that all of time and life is in an accelerated mode.  Media, technology, jobs, and relationships all assail us for our time and attention, making living life well and anchored especially challenging.  But, if you are like me, I have also sensed an increased urgency in the voice of my Beloved.  This upward call is relentless and compelling.  This call is not about duty or performance, but it is about a heart to heart connection.

I feel this upward call has been turned up a notch because the stakes are high.  Many are saying that we are standing on the precipice of the great end time harvest.  Heavenly plans and strategies are no doubt underway and we, the Bride, must have ears to hear.  Yet, we are living in days where the level of information and stimulus is overwhelming.  In the Christian arena alone the amount of books, CDs, DVDs, music, etc. causes us to feel we're probably missing something really important all the time.  News and media shout at us from every possible angle and our spirits can whither under the assault. 

In all of the hubbub, there is really just one voice that is vital to our well being.  His voice.    Reading a book about Him won't suffice.  Listening to your favorite preacher on TV is also a poor substitute.  These things, though good in themselves, were never meant to replace an intimate relationship with our Creator.  Our world today wants to make it seem so complex, but it is actually blissfully simple.  He is calling.   We must answer.  The quiet alone can be amazingly refreshing, but it is His presence and His voice that sustains us.  He's been sustaining things with His word for a long time, and I need sustaining and so do you.  

Below is recorded some words I heard Him say to me recently in one of those "sustaining" sessions.  Listen for His heart:

Daughter, you say you are hungry for me and I am happy to hear these words.  How I long to be with you as well.  Blessed is the one who will make time to seek my face.  There are many things vying for your time and attention, but only one thing will satisfy....that is my life connection with you.  You must set aside the notion that everything must be done before you can indulge in your time with me.  I give you permission to indulge!

Focus your affection on me and search for me as you would for hidden treasure.  I long to be found by you and there are so many secrets that you have yet to hear.  I want to be the one to whisper them to you.  Come and know me.  Know and be known. 

I have a hunger and thirst for His voice.  Just a few words from Him can change everything.  A prayer I pray almost more than any other is, "I want to know and hear You more".  I long for a greater level of hearing Him that I know will only come as I continue to answer the upward call. 

"I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." - Phil. 3:14

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