Monday, September 7, 2009

Positioned for Increase

As believers, our walk with God is to be always moving forward. If we ever develop the mentality that decides that we have "arrived" or that we are satisfied with where we are spiritually, then we have already begun to backslide. This does not mean that we can not be content with the season that we are in, it just means that we have not decided to camp there for long.

God has placed within His Kingdom certain laws and one of those is the law of increase. Our understanding of what it means to move forward, advance, or experience increase in the Kingdom is crucial to our being able to fully walk in our destiny.

In the parable of the talents found in Matt. 25:14-30, some principles for increase can be clearly seen. The servants who were faithful to steward well their master's money were given greater areas of responsibility and invited to come and share their master's happiness. The servant who dug a hole and buried what he had been given was harshly rebuked and punished by the master.

I believe that the servant who hid his one talent had a false view of his master that influenced the decisions he made. He saw him as hard, unfair, and unjust. Therefore, he held on to the little that he had been given and refused to do anything that would multiply his master's wealth.

This same scenario has been repeated over and over since the fall of man. One of Satan's chief goals, if not THE chief goal, is to distort the Father's character to us His children. When the bait has been taken, and we buy into the lie that the Father is not altogether good, our heart becomes darkened and we can no longer see clearly to make wise decisions. The fate of this predicament is that we are no longer positioned for increase, but what we once held in our hands or lives as a precious gift, seeps through our fingers like sand. The irony of this state is that the heart often rails at God for His presumed unjust treatment.

Thankfully, God has a way of intervening even into the hardest of hearts with His grace and mercy. I have seen Him, little by little, soften wounded and broken hearts until the individual is willing to risk trusting in His goodness. Like the two servants mentioned in the parable, they invest the talents that the Master has given them, and wait in faith for a good return.

Not only does God multiply what we have invested on His behalf, He then brings increase to our areas of responsibility as a result of our trust in His goodness, stewardship of His gifts, and obedience to His voice.

But best of all, we are invited to come and share in His happiness. There is great, great joy in discovering what gifts you have been given by the Father, using and investing them on His behalf, and then receiving the increase for the Kingdom.

We need to develop the mindset that growing is stewarding. In those areas where we need the most growth, we should intentionally be using what little we have. If you need friends, try investing some friendship. If you want to grow in the prophetic, began stepping out to use the one word you may have been given. If you want to be a business owner, serve faithfully in the business where you are working, as if it were your own.

God honors faithfulness because He is altogether faithful. As our hearts learn to trust in His goodness and faithfulness towards us, we gladly invest on His behalf those things that He has placed in our hands. Our great joy and reward is to see these gifts multiply again and again and again for the glory of His Name.

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